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                Tel: +86-576-83583383 83486666
                Fax: +86-576-83583388
                E-mail: lydia860316@126.com
                ABOUT US

                Zhejiang Tengyu Brass Product Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer who has exported various first-rate sanitary ware as well as brass products. The factory has carried out advanced quality management system and brought in up-to-date numerical control equipment to build up production since it was established. "EUROPE CLASS, OEM ONLY", good quality and good after-sale service is the soul for long-term cooperation. By now all our great customers have built long-term cooperation with us, and no one will turn to other suppliers because of our good quality.

                So far we have achieved a splendid business. We have successfully become main OEM supplier of three great customers. One is a Italy faucet factory, one is a USA factory, and the other is a France supermarket. Only these three customers' annual purchase volume can reach $8million. As the production scale is enlarged increasingly, we built a new factory covering an area of 34000 sqm in SAN MEN Zhejiang. However, we are still looking for a better way to improve the quality of products.



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